Hailey Tuck at Bush Hall, London 2018

Jazz Singer Hailey Tuck, from Austin, Texas, is performing at Bush Hall on Friday 5th October. Whilst she is across the pond, we thought it would be the best opportunity for her to introduce herself to Jazz fans in the UK, who haven’t yet heard her unique, enchanting voice.

Interview with Hailey Tuck

  1. Tell us about yourself.

Well, despite my haircut and outfit I am not actually from the 1920’s, rather Texas in the 90’s! I’ve always loved mystery, and fantasy, and music, and I think all of that is combined perfectly with my love for antiquities, and I don’t just mean my exes! hehe. It is important to me though to keep jazz fresh and modern.

2.  What led to your interest in jazz rather than pop music

Well, that leads perfectly to this question! I am interested in pop! And hip hop! And Disco! And maybe even Icelandic death metal folk-pop, if I ever heard it. I’m trying to combine my love, and experience, and contemporary interests with the general feel and mood of the 20’s.

3. What have you been doing up to now?

I moved to Paris when I was 18, and then have kind of flitted about since then around Europe. After I cut my teeth a bit, I was lucky enough to snag the support of a very famous veteran producer named Larry Klein who championed me into a record deal with Sony last year, and now my first album, “Junk”, which was just out in May.

4. Who are your favourite singers?

I’d have to say, Blossom Dearie, Chris Connor, Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong. Though honestly, I could go on and on…

5.  What are your plans for the future?

Continue to tour my new album, start musing ideas for the second one, and most importantly work on my writing, which has been a really tentative and slow process for me.

6. Is there an album? Yes! ‘Junk’ was out last May and has everything from McCartney, Cohen, to Pulp, Joni Mitchell and even some originals. Hope you enjoy it!

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